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Our Team

The awesome people who make it all possible


Chris is an experienced entrepreneur with 10 years experience in the United States, Europe and Asia. Recently, he has built over five companies throughout Hong Kong.
Through FarGo Foundation Chris is able to focus on his passion of fostering youth development and education through the use of creative arts and technology.               

Chris Geary

Nathalie creates bespoke pieces in her own organic style or from the customer’s own original concept and ideas. A strong believer in ethical jewellery making practices, Nathalie is one of the leading authorities in Asia on sourcing precious materials. Her creativity and artistic ability have played a critical role in the development of StreetPoppy and our other FarGo programmes.

Nathalie Geary

A rugby player by night and PA by day, Sophia helps coordinate, run and set up programmes for FarGo Foundation. With her array of talents, Sophia helps instruct classes, coordinate the marketing and organizes the StreetPoppy, Hack Champions, RefuGeek and  Treasure Hunt events. She is always thinking of new programmes and helps to grow FarGo’s impact on Hong Kong.

Sophia Nazer
Project Manager

“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realise their dream.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist. Based on her own experience of realising her dream,  Laura enjoys working to help others discover what it is they desire in life. Her passion for helping has led her to help develop FarGo initiatives that inspire the youth to achieve their goals.

Laura Ho