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Who We Are

StreetPoppy is a non-profit and free-to-participate programme that works with at-risk and underprivileged youth and adults from various communities in Hong Kong. Participants are introduced to the design process as they learn how to make their mark and create street art. 

“Correction does much, but encouragement does more.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

What We do

When learning street art, StreetPoppy participants are exposed to a new form of self expression. Students discover how to properly handle spray cans, create stencils, conceive an idea and, finally, create a full design. By the end, students understand the basics of design and how to think creatively. The programme is run by experienced street artists, dedicated teachers, and attentive volunteers.

Why We do It

We are here not for income, but for outcome

We encourage our students to adopt a design-led mindset to expand their thought process and look for new creative ideas and strategies.  Creating a street art masterpiece requires planning, precision, revaluation of ideas and managing execution.  We teach the students the art of transferring what has been designed on paper onto a wall roughly 10 times the size of the original design. These skills will improve cognitive thinking and problem solving; skills that can transition to multiple career paths and life experiences.

Our Story

  • Where It All Began

    Streetpoppy began as an extension of a Treasure Hunt activity.  Treasure Hunt; another branch of the FargoFoundation, worked with British Royal Legion and various children’s charities to host a number of fundraising and awareness-building events. During one of the early treasure hunts, one of the challenges was to modernize the British Royal Legion’s logo. Thus, Streetpoppy was born. 

  • Why Street Art?

    Street art is an art form that is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Major urban centres internationally have embraced this and are now making street art part of their urban environment – revitalising and renewing neighbourhoods, alleyways and open spaces. Street art gives communities a sense of identity. This is what we communicate to our participants: street art is something that can work with a city, rather than an invisible voice working against it.

  • So Much More to Achieve

    StreetPoppy looks to continue its work of reaching out to children and adults of all ages who wish to appreciate and adopt the skills and efforts of street art and creative design led thinking.

  • All People Matter

    The enthusiasm and talent shown from the children and participants from the inaugural event gave FarGo Foundation the idea of hosting regular street art events as an expressive outlet for underprivileged youth and communities. These single events have now led to structured programmes used by schools to create murals that have been designed by their own students .

  • Breaking Traditon

    We are careful to teach what has been traditionally seen as “Graffiti” as an art form. It is a representation of ideas, thoughts and opinions created through deliberate thought and design. Recently, companies have begun hiring street artists to revitalize and modernize old company logos and symbols. 

  • Volunteers and Collaboration

    We are always looking to collaborate with more organisations and NGOs to help sign up more students to attend our StreetPoppy Saturdays and programmes. Please visit the StreetPoppy website or go to our “Get Involved” page if you want to learn more on how to collaborate and work with StreetPoppy.

You Can Trust Us

We are not in for income. We are here for outcome