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Who We Are

Our courses work with refugees to teach them valuable design and technology skills. Our topics include coding, digital marketing, tech project planning and digital design. To take part in our programmes, students do not require any previous exposure to technology, coding or design.

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.”

Robert H. Schuller

Why we do it

The refugee processing procedure can take years to complete and during this time refugees lose out on the opportunity to further their education. Often, their existing skills become outdated from lack of application and advancement. The existing process does not support the vast majority of refugee populations who wish to seek employment that fulfills their true potential. Refugees legally have no right to work and find it difficult to attain employment. Often, refugees live a precarious existence: Unable to work and send their children to school, they are typically financially stressed, dependent on ad-hoc charities to survive, at risk of exploitation, and constantly worried about being arrested and indefinitely detained. The inability to work and lead productive lives, combined with discrimination from local citizens who oppose asylum, can cause depression and psychological distress within the refugee community.

Why Code and Design

Code and design success is contingent on the ability to show a balance of technical competency and alternative problem solving, creating the opportunity for equal access to the best jobs. In addition, virtual freelancing is not considered local employment and thus payment can be received through online systems,  providing an opportunity for poverty alleviation.


RefuCoder  is a program that gives bitesized classes to give a overview of the skills and knowledge required for learning digital marketing, website development and building, technology project planning, coding, and digital design.

  • The introductory RefuCoder training will give Refugees the ability to create and modify simple wordPress websites.
  • This qualifies them as RefuCoders and gives them the chance to develop simple websites to freelance to online clients.
  • We will market their services through a freelancer portal. They will also be able to register their services through vendors such as E-Lance.
  • Refugees are not given the right to work in their host countries, however virtual freelancing does not constitute local employment and payment can be received through online systems.
  • In Hong Kong refugees are given approximately US$200 / month for living costs. The ability to setup simple websites from US$100 per project can lead to a significant increase in quality of life.


RefuGeek is the next step course for more intense and advanced learning. At the end of the RefuGeek program, the refugee will be able to freelance their skills independently.

  • Developer talent shortages are a challenge faced by companies worldwide.
  • This talent or aptitude exists within refugee populations.
  • Refugees are resettled without job opportunity and with limited support network when they arrive to their host destination.
  • The RefuCoder qualification will identify and filter candidates that can progress to full developer roles and become RefuGeeks.
  • Resettling with a job provides a business/company support network on arrival in host country.

Our Values

Helping others is not a job, it is a calling

  • Making connections

    Our courses will create opportunities for refugees, develop candidates for businesses, and create a pipeline of already-employed or ready-to-employ refugees for resettlement countries.

  • Code and Design

    We will bring competency and values led code and design education to the refugee population.

  • So Much More to Achieve

    RefuGeek looks to continue its work of reaching out to children and adults of all ages who wish to appreciate and adopt the skills and efforts of coding and design-led thinking.

  • Code a Design

    We will bring competency and values led code and design education to the refugee population.

  • Ability to Learn

    We will give refugees the ability to earn money while they are awaiting resettlement through being able to freelance virtually in web development.

  • Volunteers and Collaboration

    We are always looking to collaborate with more organisations and NGOs to help sign up more students to attend our courses and programmes. Please visit our “sign up” page if you want to learn more about how to collaborate and work with RefuGeek.