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educating through design led thinking


Designed to expose children to an alternative form of expression, Street Poppy not only fosters creativity but teaches children the techniques necessary for making street art. On the second to last Saturday of every month, we teach children how to create a beautiful piece of street art through teamwork. While we provide the necessary tools to create the art, the students find that communication is, in fact, their best tool.  The structure of street art relies heavily on having a clear vision, being able to communicate, and transforming one’s environment into something beautiful. A replication of the principles we wish to instill within the student


RefuGeek was set up to improve upon the existing opportunities and resources supplied to refugees in Hong Kong.

Historically, refugees have seen little to no support in the development of their employable skills and education. We wish to change that. In order to see the refugee community overcome their hardships:

1) We bring practical and situation-relevant technological education to refugees in order to provide poverty relief through freelance work.

2) To deliver longer-term code and design education that is competency-led and develops skills relevant to the talent demands of resettlement areas and provides a higher value skill set for greater alleviation of poverty.

HK TreasureHunt

Hong Kong works pretty well as an urban playground so we figured, why not take advantage? The Treasure Hunt is organized to be an adventure race, prompting people to go throughout  all of Hong Kong and exposing them to things they wouldn’t usually see had they not been looking for them. Throughout the process we solve clues, complete various tasks, and race against the clock for a little friendly competition among peers. The event raises funds for two charities each year. During the route, the clues and tasks provided allow the competitors to learn about the challenges faced by the communities these charities support.

Hack Champions

Bringing project-based learning using tech and design skills to underprivileged children.