FarGo Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation that provides education to underprivileged youth and at-risk communities across Hong Kong. It has collaborated with design-technology specialists and professional street artists to create engaging and accessible curricula within a variety of programmes. The educational courses offered revolve fundamentally around these areas; Design and Problem Solving Education, Foundational Technology Education and Advanced Technology Education.


Our goal is to change the lives of the underserved community within Hong Kong providing opportunities for self-discovery and growth, inspiring them to Go Further.

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From Treasure hunts to raise awareness, to Street Art jamming sessions, to hired Corporate events, get in touch to either support, join in or hire us out!

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You can support FarGo by either helping out with our programmes as an instructor or organiser, hire us to host programmes or events or simply donate to the cause.

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Volunteers are very much welcome, whether you specialise in design and technology, arts and creativity  teaching, event management or people support, get in touch!

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Learn more about us

To understand more about our beliefs in adapting the way we learn, grow and develop. To support our cause to promote self learning and design led thinking through various methods of teaching, with resources being accessible to those underfunded and under supported communities of Hong Kong.

Become our volunteer

If you have a passion for teaching the underprivileged and underfunded children, refugees, domestic helpers and other communities, we are always looking for more instructors for a number of skills from design and tech skills such as digital marketing, coding and web development to artistic and creativity skills to project management. If you have the patience and passion for sharing your talents and skills to those with less funding and access to learning resources then join our team.

Make donations to campaigns

Support of any kind is always greatly appreciated, we understand not every can spear time and and energy to physically contribute to our programmes. Donations to contribute purchasing more resources and materials is fundamental to support our cause

Hire us and our students

This is where you can make the biggest difference to the programmes we run. Show your support to the results of our projects by hiring student artists from StreetPoppy to host street art jamming sessions as brilliant entertainment for any private, corporate or education event.

Our Team


Chris is an experienced entrepreneur with 10 years experience spanning the United States, Europe and Asia and building over five companies so far around Hong Kong. His current passion is focusing on youth development and education through use of creative arts and technology.

Chris Geary
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

A rugby player by night and PA by day, Sophia helps coordinate, run and set up programmes for FarGo foundation. She instructs classes, builds the marketing and helps organise and arrange the StreetPoppy events and programmes.

Sophia Nazer
FarGo Project Manager

Nathalie creates bespoke pieces in her own organic style or from their own original concept and ideas. A strong believer in ethical jewellery making practices, Nathalie is one of the leading authorities in Asia on sourcing precious materials (metals and gems) through ethical, environmentally friendly, safely produced and fairtrade supply chains.

Nathalie Geary

“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realise their dream.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist. Based on her own experience of realising her dream, Laura enjoys working with others to help them find what they really desire in life.

Laura Ho
Street Poppy Co-Founder

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